Me and my husband Jody


Enjoying art is entirely a personal experience.  The same goes for creating it.  While we can join classes, groups, tutorials, demonstrations, shows, etc…when it comes down to it, it’s all about what you experience when the world fades to the background and it’s just you and your canvas.  For me, I’m lucky enough to love painting places.  Locale.  Streets.  Doors.  Windows.  Cafes.  Barns.  That way it’s like a trip without the headache of jet-lag.  Art is always an expression of something.  For me, it’s an expression of love for these types of things in life.

“That way it’s like a trip without the headache of jet-lag.”

My pieces take no credit for painting themselves and I likewise can take no more credit than picking up the brush and allowing what was created in me to flow.  My Creator designed me to paint.  I simply follow Him.

I am a wife, mom and artist.

When I paint I fly.  I listen, I hear, I see, I feel, I cry, I pray, I wait, I move, I learn. I grow.

Maybe my art will have the same effect on you.  Write me, tell me about it.

Oh, and I sell my art too.  I love working on commission, so let me know!




One thought on “About/Contact

  1. Monika

    Hi Rachael. My name is Monica. So glad I took English lessons in your Hlinsku. I like to remember you, and I’m glad I found you. My English not so good. You’re a great painter. How are you? Can you write off the email: Monika.Brizova@emil.cz
    Do you remember me?
    By Monica


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