Golden Fields


Today was an incredible day. A few weeks back an artist friend of mine had asked me to join in a worship service at our church by painting. Today marks the beginning of the summer season at our church, therefore we have one service instead of two. It was decided that the entire service would be worship through music and art, without a typical sermon or message. My friend asked if I would join her and three other artists who would create some piece of art throughout the service.

While most days when I paint alone I am listening to music and having my own time with God, I have never painted in a setting such as this. As is pretty typical for me, I was running sightly behind this morning and arrived at church about two minutes early. After dragging in my supplies, which a few people pitched in and helped me with… (In fact I even asked a lady to park my car for me!) I was directed to my spot where I would be working. Turns out I would be perched above the congregation in a small balcony overlooking the platform. Nice, I was thinking… I won’t be distracted to look around and see what others are doing. Just me and some worship time with God!

I could talk about the painting itself and how I feel about it, but the truth is it’s not about that. Today driving home after church I was weeping with joy over one fact: God made me. Today was a joy to use a gift that I was freely given to worship the One who gave the gift in the first place.

Simply put, I am creative because I was created by a Creator.

After church I had several offers to purchase the painting. I knew this one especially was not to be sold, but given away. It was freely given to me and freely it will be given away.

I’m going to bed tonight with a full heart. Amazing how full one can feel after being emptied.  

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