Svobodné Hamry


When my husband and I lived in Czech Republic with our daughters years ago, we used to go to this small village where a friend of ours ran a restaurant. The food and atmosphere was perfectly Czech. Not the Czech you experience in Prague although there is a time and place for that as well. But the Czech feeling and life which rolls on and on day after day without too many people taking notice. On the occasional Friday night there would be a group of old men and their even older musical instruments singing even older songs. Magical. Across the road from the restaurant which was called Penzion Jonáš, there was a small horse stable and old water wheel. I’ve never seen the wheel in use so I’m assuming that it is no longer functioning, but that in a way simply adds to the mystery and beauty of the place. I’ve used this photo as inspiration in my latest painting.


As I set out on my journey of old Czech, I wanted my painting to be springtime. The hint of a warm breeze on the skin and a dream in my head. Since this was one of the last in a series for a Pediatrician, I knew it had I have a medical note to it. However as I painted the boy fishing, I couldn’t disturb him. He was so peaceful. I knew the medical note in this painting was in the name, “When I am Well”.
This one is for all the boys and girls who have dreams of what they will do when they are well.

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