Josephine’s Day


Josephine's Day

Josephine’s Day is a painting commissioned along with five others for a Pediatricians office.  She wanted pieces that were in my style but had something ‘medicine’ and ‘pediatric’ in them without being ‘childlike’.  I love painting for this lady.  As an artist, it is a great feeling to be trusted in your work.  I knew I could do my thing and she would love it.

Initial Inspiration for "Josephine's Day"

I started with inspiration from this photo.  We used to live in Czech Republic and while living there we visited Salzburg, Austria, where this photo is taken.  When you ride the rail car up to the fortress you would see this place.  For my painting, I could imagine this being a safe place, a “stay and get well’ clinic for children.  Warmer colours were on my mind though so I knew it needed some changes.




I really wanted to paint a little one lost in a world of art.  Sidewalk chalk art.  I made it a medical clinic with the snake and cross symbol on the door.  I felt the door must be kept open so she felt safe enough to run inside if she needed to.  Plus, on such a beautiful day, who closes doors?!

Since my kids are too old for the child I was picturing, I asked my brother to take some photos of my niece while she was creating masterpieces outside on the ground.  My niece has such a spunk and imagination.  When I saw these photos I fell in love with them and couldn’t wait to paint her.

Josephine's Day

And this is the finished product!

Ah, the feeling of doing sidewalk chalk as a child with the sun on your back! Rich colours, sunshine, glimpse of the young artist all the while an ode to the ‘ole world. Makes you want to be here…touch the walls and feel the sun.




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